Glow Armor Carnivore

Glow Armor Carnivore

Reptilian Disc Golf
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The Carnivore is your new favorite Distance Driver.

In the air, the Carnivore has fantastic glide, the perfect amount of turn potential and a reliable finish.

For my arm (420ish max D) the Carnie is the perfect stability for a "Run & Gun" shot without having to worry about nailing the perfect angle. Just throw it flat and watch it BOOM.

In the hand, this mold has a classic 12 speed wing, a firm yet grippy plastic with a smooth, mild dome.

The Carnivore is PDGA Approved


Using this driver may result in 400 ft drives under the cover of darkness

These Glow Armor Carnivore have a perfect feel & flight to be your Go To distance driver at all hours of the day (or night)

Gentle turn + reliable fade make the Carnivore is distance driver for all skill levels.

Flight #'s: 12, 5, - 1, 3