About Us

Reptilian Disc Golf was founded in October of 2013. We decided that we wanted to create a disc golf label that did things a little bit differently than the rest of the community. Since that day, RDG has striven to provide players with the most unique products delivered with a fresh brand of customer service. We hope you enjoy our label and we thank you for your support!- Team RDG 


Chris Gore (Sponsored Pro) PDGA #33041

Skyler Stoker (Sponsored Pro) PDGA #59861

Wayne Jodway (Sponsored Pro) PDGA #62403

Josh Baldes (Shipping Guru)

Matt Carter (Co-Owner)

Jamie Cassidy (Co-Owner)


The Artists: 

Tim Swim: TimothySwim.com

Tim is a graphic artist that specializes in brutal designs created in his increasingly popular scratch art style. Tim was the first artist to work for RDG and is the originator of our original RDG Ouroboros, the timeless LizWiz & the hot, new Rex stamp. Tim is not a disc golfer. Instead, Tim spends most of his time dating Jamie's sister and drawing brutal artwork for metal bands.


Sean Wilcox: PDGA #45667

Sean was brought on to RDG because of his ability to take an idea and bring it to life. Sean was originally a huge fan of RDG that we met online. Eventually we asked him to do some work and he in turn has created some of our greatest stamps to date. The PokeLiz is Sean's most recognizable art but he has also provided the amazing new series of signature blend stamps and the wildly popular RDG Eye stamp. Sean is an avid disc golfer and has found a lot of success smashing chains with the Fossil Serpent. 


Jason Baston: PDGA #69987

Jason is our creative specialist. There are few artists out there that can take an idea and immediately start putting it to paper. We rely on Jason when times get tough and we can't visualize an idea. Jason does his artwork the old school method...sitting at the kitchen table with pens & paper. We have already used several of Jason's pieces of artwork on discs. His highlights include: The "Bigger Bird", our TMNT stamp & most recently our "Craft Flying Discs" logo. Jason lives in Canada and is an avid disc golfer.