Our Plastic Blends

Amber: Amber plastic has the same exact properties and benefits of our Armor plastic. Only difference being that it is a translucent plastic rather than Armors solid color. 

Armor:  Armor is our most durable premium plastic, it provides players with a disc that will retain it's off the shelf stability for a long time. Armor plastic tends to increase the overall stability of a mold. Our blend is similar to other companies' premium offerings and it tends to dome up more than our other flavors. 

Chalk RFF: The best feeling "soft" plastic on the market. Chalk RFF, or "really freakin' flexible" as Gateway has dubbed, is the perfect flexibility if you like softer feeling putters. We took the classic gummy blends of Gateway and supercharged it with a heavy dose of chalk. It's grip you can see! Our discs fly amazingly well in Chalk RFF and while flexible, their stability is on par with the stiffer plastic offerings. 

Eraser: Eraser plastic is very similar to our Fossil Flex blend in terms of flexibility. But where Eraser plastic differs is that it has a gummy/grippy feel to it rather than the gritty chalky feel of our Fossil blend. 

Fossil: Our signature plastic blend. Fossil was developed to mimic the vaunted plastic of disc golf yesteryear. It is firm, tight & always molds up flat. You will find that Fossil wears slowly and evenly, giving you the ability to "season" your discs into a sweet spot. Fossil plastic has received rave reviews online and is by far our most popular blend.

Fossil Flex: Features the same gritty plastic feel as our Fossil blend with a bit more rubbery hand feel in a more flexible package. They are comparable to a Gateway SS.

Fossil Fuel: This plastic is very similar to its predecessor Fossil plastic. Fossil Fuel provides a slightly more flexible hand feel, increased grip off the shelf and a splash of color vs. standard Fossil. If Fossil is just a little too firm for your style, give Fossil Fuel a try! 

Fossil Super Flex: Fossil Super Flex (FSF) is some of the most flexible plastic we have ever made. We took our flagship chalk plastic and mixed it with Gateway's 4S plastic to give it a chalky yet gummy blend that will feel great in your hand and stick to the chains or ground. 

Tar Pit: Our sticky putting blend! Tar Pit provides players with a great combination of grippy texture and retained rigidity. While Tar Pit isn't an overly soft blend, it hits and sticks with the best of them. Tar Pit while grab a link and never let go!