Armor Stego (Red Bar Stamp)

Armor Stego (Red Bar Stamp)

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The Stego is the disc golf equivalent of a throwing a manhole cover. Utilizing a beaded top, the Stego possesses the most overstable flight ever created. You'll find absolutely no turn, no glide and an aggressive fade combine into the ultimate "get out of jail" disc. Many players claim "they'd never play a competitive round without a Stego." During a round, you'll lean on this mold for torqued forehands, rollers and lumbering overhands.

Armor:  Armor is our most durable premium plastic, it provides players with a disc that will retain it's off the shelf stability for a long time. Armor plastic tends to increase the overall stability of a mold. Our blend is similar to other companies' premium offerings and it tends to dome up more than our other flavors. 

X-Outs have imperfection in molding, from divots in the rim to bubbles in the plastic. Non of the aforementioned imperfections will affect the flight of the disc.